Deiter Barry is a Melbourne based artist who specialises in bringing imagination to life.


    Over the years he has worked with many talented artists and directors around Australia on films, commercials, in theatre and for haunted attractions. He has also had the pleasure of creating wearable puppets for the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum.


    During his experience he has gained a wide knowledge in working with a variety of mediums and materials including resins, polyurethanes, silicones, latex and of late, has branched out onto the field of foam latex prosthetics, body casting and special effects makeup.


    So whether you’re looking for high end work for film and television or simply a puppet for a childs birthday, Deiter’s attention to detail and professionalism to work within a budget and deadline are unfaltering.


    All projects are commission based, so show us your designs or tell us your ideas and we can bring it to life. The majority of the work done by Deiter is done solo, however in the case of sizeable ventures he has a team of talented industry associates that are always eager to jump on board at a moments notice.


    Making the bizarre, wonderful and at times gruesome images that he, and his clients hold in their imaginations, is not just a job for him but his passion. It’s this passion that will drive him for many years to come to keep doing what he does, and that is, The art of bringing imagination to life.


    So please have a browse around our gallery to see some examples of past works and don’t forget to come back and visit us again as new images are always being posted or if you like find us on facebook to stay in touch.


    Kind Regards,

    The Team at Deiter Barry Creations.